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US Federal Contractor Registration: 2 Illinois Contractors Facing Fraud Charges for Awarded Government Contracts Meant for Women and Minorities

U.S. federal Registration Contractors: Contractors of Illinois is facing two counts of fraud in contracts awarded Designed for women and minorities

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) 15 February 2012

An article of breaking news in the Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that two Illinois businessmen were charged separately with the fraud of false bidding for contracts and taking several government for women and minorities. Elizabeth Perino, 57, signed as a “sham” subcontractor on various projects, according to the charges, his company “did not conduct, manage or supervise.” Another businessman, Antonio Cappello, 48, fraudulently claimed that his company was a woman-owned, Small Disadvantaged Business, and has received over $ 2.3 million in government contracts.

These are certainly not the first cases of eligible companies through a system of government procurement fraud to win government contracts designed to help socially and economically disadvantaged. The SBA (Small Business Association) 8 (a) The program was created to help small businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans or people with disabilities have access to federal contracting. To be eligible for the 8, the SBA (a) program, a company must be owned and controlled by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged, who are of good character, the citizens of the United States and show potential for the successful.

According to U.S.

Office of the Government Accountability, 2008 to January 2010, 14 companies were identified fraudulently obtained government contracts worth more than $ 325 million. Among the 14 companies, 13 had misrepresented his eligibility to fraudulently acquire and maintain its 8 (a) the condition of obtaining federal contracts. During the study, the U.S. Government Accountability Office set up four bogus companies with bogus applications to see if the SBA 8 (a) application process were sufficient to prevent companies that do not qualify to enter the program. They found that the process of applying for the SBA has two strengths and weaknesses. Of the four companies of the false, the SBA was able to correctly determine which three were not eligible for 8 (a) program. However, a bogus company was able to get 8 (a) certification with documentation and information about the owner of fiction.

Although one of the four companies false

was able to pass the SBA 8 (a) the application process, the consequences of fraudulently entering the market for government procurement outweigh the benefits. One consequence is that companies may lose the award of the contract because their CCR registration is unsuccessful. If somehow a company is able to secure a contract fraudulently, the incorrect data in the register could prevent the government pays for the work. The government estimates that the contractor shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in CRC and ORC for any liability resulting from reliance on government data. In particular, liability under the False Claims Act provides that any person who knowingly makes a false claim for payment or approval, or uses false information to be paid or approved, will be responsible for the Government of the United States to a fine Civil $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 and three times the amount of damages suffered by the government due to the actions of the contractor. Moreover, unlike criminal law, specific knowledge of misinformation is not necessary. What is needed is only that the defendant acted in disregard of the truth of the information.

“While there are opportunities for government contractors who qualify for these programs aside, are a very small percentage of all available contracts,” said Eric Knellinger, president of the record U.S. federal contracts. “The penalties for intentional misrepresentation of CCR registration can be devastating and far outweigh the short-term benefits. Just not worth it.”

To avoid these consequences, companies must ensure that the information is complete and correct, especially when it comes to financial reporting and the indicators used to determine whether the company qualifies as a small business. Moreover, if one of these changes to the information, it is very important that these changes are updated in the CCR and ORCA. Although the step process may seem a disadvantage in advance on the path to a material contract, easily avoidable mistakes can quickly turn this molehill into a mountain. While a simple mistake in a recording of CCR may not result in criminal charges, the owner of the company wants to submit to a federal investigation for alleged fraud of the contract.

U.S. Federal

Register of Contractors is a private third-party registration has helped thousands of companies to complete their registration and supply of ITC. U.S. Federal Contractor Registration pairs business with a dedicated case manager who helps them every step of the way of the initial tender registration of contracts. To request a free evaluation and assessment by a specialist in investment for your business, call the hotline to the contractor (877) 252-2700 ext 1 or visit our website at /.

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Seeing the Big Picture of Dog-Fighting

Seeing the Big Picture of Dog-Fighting

Southfields, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2007

Pet-Abuse.Com, an organization nationally recognized for their efforts to implement cutting edge technology in the fight against animal cruelty, recently launched a project that shows the public just how widespread a problem animal cruelty really is.

This groundbreaking project is intended to illustrate just how common animal cruelty is across the country, and Pet-Abuse.Com president Alison Gianotto believes the timing is right for this project to be launched.

“Animal cruelty is an issue that often doesn’t inspire people to speak out until it hits close to home,” Gianotto says. “Because of the extensive media coverage related to the Michael Vick dog-fighting allegations, the public is starting to see some of the horrors that animals go through. It’s been a real wake-up call for some.”

Gianotto says that although there has been tremendous media coverage on the Michael Vick dog-fighting allegations, Vick isn’t the first professional athlete to be charged with dog-fighting and animal abuse. “Any situation of animal cruelty is terribly tragic, but it’s even more of an outrage when the perpetrators are considered heroes by so many. These are men that our children look up to and idolize. Whether these athletes want to be or not, they are role models to millions of children across the country. The example they’re setting is that animal abuse for fun, profit or out of anger is acceptable, and that breaking the law is acceptable if you’re famous enough.”

Former NBA Trailblazer Qyntel Woods pleaded guilty in January 2005 to animal abuse and as part of a plea agreement, was sentenced to a year of probation and 80 hours of community service. He was later signed to the Miami Heat.

Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux was arrested in February of this year on a charge of felony animal cruelty. Babineaux is accused of beating his live-in girlfriend’s dogs to death after an argument.

Chicago Bears’ defensive tackle Tank Johnson’s home was raided in December 2006 on a warrant for drugs and suspected weapons violations. Johnson surrendered “Trina” and his two other pit bulls to the county’s Animal Control Program in December 2006, six days after police searched Johnson’s home in Gurnee. Animal control wardens had been called to Johnson’s home six times that year for animal nuisance complaints and suspicion of animal cruelty.

Former NFL running back LeShon Johnson has been charged multiple times with fighting dogs between 2000 and 2004, and pled guilty to reduced charges in 2005 for a case involving 141 dogs. As part of a plea agreement, Johnson’s sentence was deferred, and he was placed on 5 years probation and ordered to pay a fine and restitution.

Nathaniel “Nate” Newton, a former NFL player with the Dallas Cowboys, was arrested at a dog fight in 1991. Newton played for the Cowboys from 1986 to 1998. Just last week, former NFL player Steve DeOssie described on WEEI radio in Boston that he attended a dog-fighting event during his playing days with Newton and other teammates.

Todd McNair, a Houston Oilers running back, was arrested and charged in 1996 with 81 offenses involving the mistreatment of 22 pit bulls being trained on his property for dogfights.

Her organization already provides interactive maps on a state-wide level, where users can see a snapshot of cruelty cases within their own state, but a national map has never been available before. The new maps allow website users to view an overlay of cases within a particular type of animal cruelty, dog-fighting, for example.

Pet-Abuse.Com was founded in the aftermath of a tragic animal cruelty case, when a southern California cat was stolen and set on fire. The suspect in that case was never caught after fleeing the country, but the organization has posted over 1,600 open cases across the country, and currently works with Sacramento-based United Animal Nations to target open cases for the UAN Zig-Zag reward program.

“A high-profile case will often incite hundreds, if not thousands, of letters to prosecutors asking for justice – but what some pet lovers don’t realize is that cruelty is occurring all around them, and it’s up to our communities to put an end to it.”

While the maps are not all-inclusive, and only reported incidents can be represented, they will be an invaluable tool for law enforcement, animal welfare agencies and the public.

To check out the new mapping system, visit the Pet-Abuse.Com website at

Pet-Abuse.Com maintains the largest searchable database of criminal animal abuse cases, which contains almost 10,000 cases of criminal animal cruelty in the United States alone. The organization educates the public on the connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence, and provides unique tools for animal advocates, such as the ability to monitor specific cases for updates, a national listing of upcoming court dates for criminal cruelty cases, online action alerts and wireless access to the animal abuse database. For more information or to make a donation, visit

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