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Raleigh Family Law Attorney Sees Growth of ?Electronic Paper Trail? in Divorces

Raleigh Family Law Attorney Sees Growth of ‘Electronic Paper Trail’ in Divorces

Charles R. Ullman

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) March 09, 2012

Citing a recent survey of divorce lawyers, Raleigh family law attorney Charles R. Ullman says individuals involved in separations or divorces should be aware that an electronic paper trail can be their undoing if it contains unflattering evidence that can be used against them in court.

“Just like the lawyers in the survey, we’ve increasingly seen cell phone messages and other electronic communications used as evidence in the last few years,” says Ullman, whose Raleigh family law firm, Charles R. Ullman & Associates, represents clients in divorces, separations and related matters throughout North Carolina.

“Text messages, instant messages, cell phone call records and even Facebook postings are being cited more and more as evidence to devastating effect in divorce proceedings,” Ullman says.

Ninety-percent of the attorneys surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said the use of evidence from cell phones had increased dramatically in the last three years, according to an article on Additionally, 94 percent said text messages were increasingly being used as evidence.

The survey also found that 81 percent of respondents cited an increase in evidence being used from social media outlets, such as Facebook.

“Years ago an adulterer might have burned their love letters, but you don’t burn your email or your cell phone,” Ullman says. “Electronic love letters last forever.”

Ullman said the evolution of the electronic paper trail has implications for both sides in a divorce.

“It follows that, as this kind of evidence is increasingly available, divorce lawyers will seek to either obtain it or have it excluded, depending on which side of the case they are on,” Ullman said.

Ullman said the Raleigh divorce attorneys of Charles R. Ullman & Associates have successfully argued both for and against the use of evidence in Wake County and other North Carolina courts as part of their aggressive advocacy for their clients.

“If you are headed toward a divorce, you need to take care that you don’t hand the opposing legal team a weapon,” Ullman said.

“If you are involved in a separation, you must be cautious about the content of every cell phone call, text message, IM, status update, tweet or any kind of communication,” Ullman added. “They do not go away.”

About Charles R. Ullman & Associates

The Raleigh family law firm of Charles R. Ullman & Associates, located on 109 S. Bloodworth St. in Raleigh, N.C., concentrates on family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, post-separation support and equitable distribution. Ullman is also a trained collaborative law attorney. For more information, contact the firm by calling (919) 829-1006 or use its online form.

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California Certified Family Law Specialist of The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury Launches New Website

California Certified Family Law Specialist of The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury Launches New Website

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2012

The Pasadena, CA law firm, The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury, recently launched a new website, providing a valuable online legal resource to current and potential clients.

The site offers helpful information to remove some of the fear and uncertainty from the legal process, including basic information on California family law.

“The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury has successfully litigated challenging family law cases for more than 30 years,” says firm principal Lee Salisbury. “Our new website is specifically designed to help California families find useful information on divorce, child custody, property division and more.”

Website visitors learn how the firm’s family law specialists, certified by the California State Board of Legal Specialization, can assist them with their legal issue. The firm has developed a reputation for skilled litigation in handling complex divorce matters.

About The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury offer legal counsel primarily in the following areas:

Family law
Child custody and visitation
Child support
Property division
Spousal support

The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury has been a leading southern California family law litigation firm for more than 30 years. The firm’s attorneys take a practical approach, helping clients establish reasonable objectives and manageable plans that succeed.

Our new website explains each of our practice areas. It also shares biographical information about each lawyers’ background.

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury assist southern California clients in complex divorce and paternity litigation. For more information about the firm, please visit the firm’s website or call 626.449.4182.

The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury

225 South Lake Avenue, Suite 550

Pasadena, California 91101


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Seattle, Washington Divorce Firm Seattle Divorce Services Selects Law Firm Marketing Leader Get Noticed Get Found to Manage Internet Presence

Seattle, Washington Divorce Firm Seattle Divorce Services Selects Law Firm Marketing Leader Get Noticed Get Found to Manage Internet Presence

Seattle Divorce Services

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 11, 2012

People increasingly are going to the internet to find and compare services, and a growing number of legal firms are turning to the web to meet potential clients where they are.

Facts back up the trend. A recent American Express Open Small Business Search Marketing Survey (which can be found at found : “Among small businesses who conduct some form of online marketing, two-thirds (66%) say that new customers find them through search engines/Internet.”

Seattle Divorce Services, a first-class divorce attorney law firm in Seattle, Washington, will better serve and reach clients with a first-class web presence. The firm selected Get Noticed Get Found to manage its internet presence.

“Seattle Divorce Services wants to stay at the forefront of client services, and through Get Noticed Get Found we can best serve our clients and provide them with the important information they’re looking for online,” said Michael Fancher, Attorney-At-Law, Seattle Divorce Services.

Seattle Divorce Services works to improve the way Family Law is practiced in the Seattle community by working to reduce conflict in difficult or complex divorce settlements.

For more information, visit, call 206-784-3049 or 206-LISTENS or e-mail info(at)seattledivorceservices(dot)com.

About Seattle Divorce Services: Seattle Divorce Services ( is a law firm located in the Ballard Neighborhood of North Seattle. Its divorce lawyers serve clients in King and Snohomish Counties. Their attorneys use a variety of methods to resolve family law cases, including litigation, mediation, and collaboration.

About Get Noticed Get Found: Get Noticed Get Found ( is a full-service Digital Marketing Company that primarily works with law firms. The company offers a range of web services including: website design, Google Places management, advanced SEO, social media management, blog content and video creation.

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Intoxilyzer 8000 (BrAC) 0.547 is really mouth alcohol, CBS video.ASF

This is more proof that the Intoxilyzer 8000 is nonspecific for ethyl alcohol and the Intoxilyzer 8000 has serious flaws in the software design because it is unable to differentiate between mouth alcohol and breath alcohol (BrAC). The first breath sample @ 1:43 on the video was PURE MOUTH ALCOHOL and that test resulted in a BrAC reading of 0.263 with a Breath Volume of 1.570 (the minimum breath needed for the Intoxilyzer 8000 to analyze a breath sample is 1.1 liter). The second breath sample @ 4:34 in the video was again ONLY PURE MOUTH ALCOHOL but the Intoxilyzer 8000s alcohol slope detector FAILED to analyze the breath sample correctly and gave a false BrAC reading of 0.547 with a Breath Volume of 1.218. What does this mean? Well, IF I WAS DRINKING VODKA.. I WOULD BE DEAD. To go from a 0.263 BrAC reading @ 1:43 to a 0.547 reading @ 4:34, (less than 3 minutes) would mean that I drank and my body absorbed a total of 53 shots of Vodka. How can we determine this? Simple, by using the Windmark Formula we can determine the amount of drinks in my body at the time of each Breath Test. 1st sample BrAC reading of 0.263 250 lbs. x 454 (grams per lb.) = 113500113500 x .68 (water for men) = 77180 77180 x .0026 (grams of alcohol consumed) = 200.668 200.668 ÷ .8 (specific gravity of alcohol) =250.825 250.825 ÷ 30 (grams in a shot) = 8.360 8.360 ÷ .5 (100 proof ÷ 50% = Vodka) = 16.721 16.721 x 1.55 (covert back to drinks, drop last 3 digits) =25.918 Means I had 25 shots of Vodka in my
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wisconsin Agrees to Dismiss Case Against Global Daily Pay President

Wisconsin Agrees to Dismiss Case Against Global Daily Pay President

Madison, WI (PRWEB) March 26, 2004

In the ongoing case against Nevada-based network marketing company Global Daily Pay, Inc., the Wisconsin Department of Justice has decided to dismiss the civil complaint against Richard M. Krawczyk, Ph.D., the company’s president.

Court documents reveal that as late as February 18, Attorney General Peggy A. Lautenschlager and Asst. Attorney General Juan B. Colas attempted to proceed with the case against consumer advocate Krawczyk by “piercing the corporate veil” and naming him to the complaint against Global Daily Pay. However, when faced with the fact that officers and directors are protected under Wisconsin and Nevada corporation law, the Attorney General’s office finally conceded that Krawczyk “has no personal interest in the funds at issue and that he is not a necessary party to this action” in documents filed on February 27.

Oral arguments will be heard March 30 in Dane County Circuit Court before Judge Patrick Fielder to determine if the suit initiated by the State was frivolous in nature. If determined to be a frivolous suit, Krawczyk would be entitled to attorney’s fees and court costs, according to Wisconsin State Statute 814.025.

“The fact that Lautenschlager and Colas have finally come to the realization that Dr. Krawczyk was not involved in any irregularities bodes well for Global Daily Pay,” stated Michael Taylor of Maverick & Associates. “And with the standard of proof being lower in a civil court, the State would have a harder time trying to create any case against Dr. Krawczyk in a criminal court where they would have to prove their unfounded attacks beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Lautenschlager has been under increased scrutiny after her recent arrest for drunk driving as well as allegations that have disclosed a pattern of unfair business practices, including the violation of constitutional rights by the Attorney General’s Office after she illegally shut down the company Global Daily Pay’s website without a restraining order, as required by law. Notices of Claim have already been filed with the State and Wisconsin taxpayers may be forced to compensate victims in the amount of $ 158.5 million by injuring over 30,000 consumers.


Michael Taylor

Maverick & Associates, Ltd


# # #

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Can I own a gun if I’ve had a violent misdemeanor as a juvenile and had it expunged?

Question by Window Sill: Can I own a gun if I’ve had a violent misdemeanor as a juvenile and had it expunged?
In high school I was stupid and got into a fight. I brought a knife the next day because I was scared that he was going to jump me with all his friends. My intent was to just scare them with it, not actually use it. Someone told the campus police that I had a weapon. Prior to being searched it was stolen from me. I confessed to having a knife on campus because I thought they were going to find it in my backpack (stupid I know) I did 40 hours of community service and got it “expunged” from my record. Now I want to own a gun for recreational purposes. Please no lectures on how stupid I was, I understand that I was a fucking idiot. I read somewhere that if you have a violent misdemeanor/ weapons violation as a juvenile you can’t own a gun even as an adult.
Also, I forgot to mention I live in California. I meant it as in can I legally own a gun. I know I can own a gun; the legality of it is a different matter.
To the guy that was being sarcastic; are you telling me you were the same person you were when you were a juvenile? Are you of equal responsibility as a juvenile as you are now? Or have you matured and learned how to be responsible? I don’t want to argue with you. I came here to ask a question and get a straight forward answer. So please, answer if you know but don’t say stupid things that do not relate to the subject; this is not a place to express your arrogance.
Meant to say ignorance not arrogance. Although, both suffices.
If you read it correctly, I said it would be used for recreational purposes. Come attack me then we’ll see if I only just “scare you with it.”

Best answer:

Answer by hoovarted
Sure… Why not?
Why would a person’s actions or personal responsibility have anything at all to do with owning a gun?
The main thing, as you said, is you want it and what more is needed?
You, like everyone else, are entitled to everything you want!

Give your answer to this question below!

California Criminal Defense Lawyer at Your Beck and Call

California Criminal Defense Lawyer at Your Beck and Call

Article by Hilary Umeoka

You don’t need to suffer injustice in the law court even when you commit a serious criminal offence. You can still obtain a fair hearing and a fair sentence with the help of a good lawyer. If you happen to commit any criminal offence anywhere around California, you need to locate an experienced California Criminal Defense Lawyer to assist you. The lawyer ensures you get a fair hearing all through the stages of the case.Actually, criminal defense lawyers abound everywhere in the US. They work for government agencies, companies, organizations and even individuals. Some of them are employed by the state governments or companies while some of them have their independent chambers. You can always secure the right justice when you go for the services of such lawyers. If you happen to get involved in a criminal case, you don’t need to worry about getting arrested and prosecuted. You should rather focus on seeking a way out of the situation. You can be charged to court at any time. Law enforcement agents can arrest and charge you to court if you get involved in a criminal offence. You shouldn’t be concerned about the arrest and the prosecution. You should only be concerned about locating a reliable California Criminal Defense Lawyer that can stand in the gap for you. Such a lawyer when hired can handle your case right from the arrest stage to the time when the case is brought to the court. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in California can handle any criminal case brought against you. All you need is to let the lawyer know your own true side of the story. If for any reason the case has been filed in a court while investigations and arrests are still going on, the lawyer has the power to stop the court process until the matter is properly investigated. The duty of the California Criminal Defense Lawyer is to make sure your interest is protected at every stage of the criminal charge. The lawyer will help in reviewing and accessing the case. He or she will also go ahead to use smart legal strategies in protecting your interest. When the matter is finally taken to court, the lawyer will still be there to defend you fully. This can increase the chances of the case being struck out. Even if you’re going to lose the case, the lawyer will make sure you’re given a fair judgment and a fair sentence. When you want to choose a good California Criminal Defense Lawyer, you need to go for a lawyer that has experience. The complexity nature of criminal defense requires you use the services of an experienced attorney. You need a lawyer with a good track record of success. Such an experienced lawyer must also have full understanding of criminal cases and how they are charged in the law court. You’ll always succeed in getting a better hearing and a fair judgment when you take time to locate the experienced criminal defense lawyer who can handle your case.

to learn more about California Criminal Defense Lawyer, click here

About the Author

Hilary Umeoka is a prolific author and writer.

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Hiring federal criminal attorneys and how they can help

Hiring federal criminal attorneys and how they can help

Article by James snv

If you are facing a criminal charge, no matter how minor, you will benefit from consulting a competent federal criminal lawyer. The law and its workings, this is intricate business. You cannot expect to prove yourself innocent on your own. If you want justice in time, you should be hiring a Federal criminal attorney /lawyer. When your freedom is at stake, don’t hire someone who for the most part does state court cases. Federal Court requires a Federal Criminal Lawyer who is aware and able.

The duty of a nation’s federal criminal attorneys is to guarantee righteousness and due process for persons accused of crime or other wrongdoing. A federal criminal attorney is a lawyer specializing in the protection of individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct. Federal criminal attorneys handle issues surrounding the apprehension, searches of client or property, and arrest of their clients in view of the Fourth Amendment, as well as any statements the client may have made, in view of the Fifth Amendment.

The crime rate has been on the rise for many years now. Loads of cases are reported on a daily basis and a large number of individuals are accused of violating federal criminal statutes. However, without proper trials and search, there is no way to be sure that the accused individual is certainly a criminal. There are many legal firms which provide the services of federal criminal lawyers who are highly knowledgeable and are gifted lawyers in their own right.

Federal criminal defense attorneys also work with the essential issues of the crimes with which his or her clients are charged. Federal criminal attorneys are free to presume innocence of the client until prosecutors provide evidence for each essential element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Grave crimes like felonies are tried to juries of twelve people and the jury must be undivided in its verdict to either convict or acquit the defendant. A split in the jury is often called a “hung jury” and may result in a retrial of the defendant. Federal criminal defense attorneys enthusiastically pursue their client’s cause through all stages of a criminal trial.

The proficiency of federal defense firms ranges from straightforward assault cases to disorderly conduct to highly intricate fraud and stealing cases. Typical cases include drug trafficking, public corruption, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. There isn’t any federal crime that they have not defended for their clients. The federal criminal defense attorneys of such firms personally fight and negotiate with federal authorities on a daily basis.

About the Author

“James Says:”For all our cases we provides you best Federal criminal lawyer or Federal criminal attorney. We have personally defended major federal criminal cases in more than 100 cities across the United States.

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