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Los Angeles DUI Attorney – Instant Help 866 986-2092 Real Results in Los Angeles

Los Angeles DUI Attorney - Instant Help 866 986-2092 Real Results in Los Angeles

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Raleigh DWI Lawyer Reports on Recent DWI Crackdown Results in North Carolina

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

It is no secret that during the holidays, there is an influx of celebration. Whether Christmas, New Years, or Fourth of July, people enjoy the past time of celebrating these events with family and friends. During these festivities, many people include the consumption of alcohol as part of the celebration. When that consumption of alcohol is joined with driving, North Carolina police agencies and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program spring into action.

As was reported on WRAL news July 16, 2013, the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, in addition to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, increased North Carolina DWI checkpoints and patrols in a event known as “Operation Firecracker” during the Fourth of July weekend. From June 28th to July 7th, the police set up extra checkpoints and increased police presence on North Carolina Highways to help combat drunk driving.

“There was no question that a ‘Booze it or Lose it’ type of campaign was conducted during the Fourth of July. We received many, many calls from people who received Wake County DWI Charges and were in need of legal representation.” Raleigh DWI Defense Lawyer M. Moseley Matheson stated. “While many people had been caught in some of the DWI checkpoints set up around Wake County, I also observed many people who were simply caught for poor driving as a result of the increased number of police on the road.”

As WRAL reported, there are now seven DWI task forces throughout the State in areas which involve the greatest number of DWI arrests. These task forces are operated through grants provided by the Governor’s Highway Safety Program allowing for additional funds to support these type of operations. This additional funding allows for more officers then are usually scheduled to be on patrol and/or participate in various checkpoints set up around the area. WRAL’s article reported that almost 1800 people were arrested for suspicion of DWI in North Carolina during “Operation Firecracker.” During that time, the seven DWI task forces were responsible for 455 arrests of the almost 1800 arrested.

“People need to realize that, though it is never a good idea to drink and drive, it is especially important to be careful during the holidays. Police are out in force and are specifically looking for signs or indicators of impaired driving.” Wake County DUI Attorney M. Moseley Matheson stated. “Remember, if being stopped for suspicion of DWI, a Driver has certain rights that they may enforce. Without knowing what your rights are, you may inadvertently assist the State in building their case against you.

If arrested for a DWI and are looking for Raleigh DWI Lawyers, contact the Matheson Law Office for a free consultation at 919-335-5291. The Matheson Law Office takes the time to walk a potential client through their case and ensure that all of their questions are answered. Finding the right Wake County DWI Defense Law Firm to represent you is important, so be sure you have hired the one you are confident as your best interests in mind.

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Leading Central Ohio DUI Attorney Favors Move To Lower Drunk Driving Level

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Central Ohios premier criminal defense and DUI attorney Bradley Koffel supports the National Transportation and Safety Boards (NTSB) recommendation to reduce the legal DUI limit across the country. The current blood-alcohol level that qualifies as drunk driving is 0.08%. The NTSB released a report May 14th advocating the level be lowered to 0.05%. According to the report entitled Reaching Zero: Actions to Eliminate Alcohol-Impaired Driving, the risk of a crash at 0.05% is about half as much as at the current level of 0.08%.

Koffel, who has practiced criminal and DUI law for 20 years and handles more than 500 DUI cases annually, favors the reduction.

There is no doubt in my mind that the amount of alcohol that must be ingested to exceed the current 0.08% level is dangerously unsafe. The number of alcohol related fatalities each year is a testament to the risk. The public would be shocked to learn just how much our clients drank prior to getting charged with a DUI to hit the current level, Koffel said.

The NTSB board can only make recommendations to the state and federal governments, which in turn make the laws and regulations regarding blood-alcohol levels. The Governors Highway Safety Association is one group that supports the current alcohol threshold. But while Koffel is in favor of the reduction, he does think it would present challenges for law enforcement officers to enforce.

The legal hurdle I see is police are going to have to arrest motorists based upon no obvious signs of impairment. Most adults do not exhibit any noticeable signs of impairment at the lower level, Koffel explained.

According to The American Beverage Institute, the average woman reaches 0.05% blood-alcohol content after just one drink. In addition, more than 100 countries set their drunken-driving levels at 0.05%. Koffel adamantly believes that setting a comparable level in Ohio and the U.S. would make a difference.

I do believe lowering the limit to 0.05% will go much further in reducing DUI fatalities and injuries than any law change to date.

The last recommendation from the NTSB regarding drunken driving limits was in 1982, when it recommended reducing the legal limit from 0.10% to 0.08%. All states followed suit by 2004. Approximately 10,000 people are killed each year in the U.S. in alcohol-related driving accidents.

About Bradley Koffel

Bradley P. Koffel, 45, is a Columbus criminal defense attorney who practices in most of the state courts in Ohio. He is listed in The Best Lawyers In America, which represents the top 1% of the lawyers in the country. Mr. Koffel has been named one of the best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Ohio by Ohio Super Lawyers

Feeling Guilty about a DUI Charge- But I think I’m *actually* innocent, opinions?

Question by John: Feeling Guilty about a DUI Charge- But I think I’m *actually* innocent, opinions?
Last year, my 2nd year of grad school, I was driving with a friend. I got in the car sober, but unbeknownst to me he was not. The passenger had taken a large amount of painkillers. We were about 20 minutes away from my house, so, irresponsibly I accepted about 20mg Oxycontin and ate them while driving. I had a high tolerance at the time from various prescribed pills and a very full stomach.

Being a fairly experienced opiate user, I knew or more like rationalized that I had about 25 minutes, before they would kick in. And at that dose I knew I would be no more inebriated than having a beer and a half.

However, right after I took the pills things went south for my friend very quickly. His breathing became very shallow and he was going unconscious. This wasn’t the first near-fatal OD I’d seen before so I knew what to do. I told him to keep talking to me and grip my hand tight, so I would know when/if he became unconscious. I didn’t know how much he’d taken, so I drove around a little bit trying to think a plan.

After about 5 minutes of increasingly shallow breathing, I decided to haul a** to the hospital. I was maybe 15 minutes away. On the way there I noticed an ambulance along the side of the road. I bit the bullet and pulled up behind the ambulance. Thinking they’d get there faster than I could. Then as calmly as possible I put the car in park, pulled the parking brake and took out the keys and pocketed them. I then quickly approached.

Speaking as objectively as possible I was not impaired at the time, they hadn’t kicked in yet. Turns out there were a couple cops there too, who immediately treated me like a criminal. They said I had to take a field sobriety test, which I later found out from my attorney, was fallacious. You’re only legally required to take a blood/urine/piss test

But, my main concern was my friend being resuscitated, not 5 feet from where they were testing me, Additionally, they removed my glasses, I’m severely nearsighted , which made walking a straight line difficult. They never told me if I passed or failed and just called me a “junkie”

Case for my innocence:
I was not seen driving by the police
I made no moving violations while driving
The drugs only kicked in after I got out of the car
They removed my glasses for the field test
I more or less saved my friend’s life.

My attorney says its ok to share this story anonymously, he’s very good, so far the case has been delayed some 5 months from the original court date

Even though I feel like I did the right thing, given the situation, and this was my only time driving under the influence, yet I fully acknowledge I acted irresponsibly. But its been 5 months since it happened, I’m sober now, in school, doing well, yet the guilt creeps up all the time.

I’d just like to hear some comments or personal experiences.
You guys are all correct in your critiques of my actions, I do appreciate the honesty. All of your logic is spot on. But, believe me that I’m haunted by the experience on a daily basis.

In my defense, I was extremely distressed at the time, it’s not every day that I have a close friend dying in my passenger seat. So my logic was severely impaired, not from the drugs so much, but the emotions at stake. Believe it or not 20mg of Oxy was just enough to make me feel normal at the time. But I’ve made serious strides in that regard. 12 Steps wasn’t for me, but I see a shrink on a weekly basis.

To the few who may doubt my story, I have no reason to lie about it on an anonymous internet board. My defense is already all planned out. I just wanted to get this story out in a safe environment. And perhaps it can serve as a cautionary tale.

I’m also curious as to why some of you doubt that I’m sober now? It’s been a hell of an emotional journey. I’m not looking for sympathy here, just some cons

Best answer:

Answer by Ashley
i bet they will drop it or reduce it… it doesnt seem fair or legal…sorry for the bad luck..did u admit u took drugs as well or did thsy just assume because of your friend?

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DUI Attorney In Riverside California Holiday Package Now In Full Swing This December A Statement From Chris Koch & Associates Has Announced

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

Chris Koch & Associates have said that its December holiday package that was launched some days back is now on its full momentum. The top rated criminal defense attorney has noted with huge optimism that the offer was attracting a lot of clients, and now plans to extend the deal. Sooner or later the package will fit the need of some residents in the city wishing to use the professional service of one of the top rated DUI attorneys in the city. The extension of the holiday comes as huge bonus to some and the cases of DUI are expected to rise in the coming few weeks. If the current momentum is maintained there is every reason why in the future, the DUI attorney firm will look back on its extension of the holiday special as a great idea. It is a good offer to meet the needs associated with the festive season. To learn more about options available when faced with a DUI arrest in Riverside visit,

Although the firm notes that the offer is just a show of appreciation for the attorneys clients support, when you look at it from another angle this is arguably the ideal opportunity. The firm offers the ability for someone to receive affordable legal help with regards to the overall process for those needing assistance resulting from a DUI arrest. The package has attracted many residents in Riverside because of the price point offered by the DUI law office. The most important aspect of the package is the fact that it will give any first time DUI offenders a chance to get legal representation from Chris Koch & Associates at just $ 900. This will include a comprehensive approach in consultancy and any other service that may be needed in the case. For many residents in the city Chris Koch & Associates is one of the best law firms, based on the experiences that many have had with it the package the firm is happy to extend the offer into January 2013. For more information about receiving a free consultation from a DUI attorney in Riverside California visit,

The professionalism that has been attributed to the firm is just top notch and as the firms spokesperson notes, with the package Chris Koch & Associates can only get better indeed. He says we have been able to build a very strong reputation as one of the top rated law firms in Riverside and even though our DUI attorneys are among the very best in the sector, with the recently extended launched holiday package the company will be better indeed. With that statement and the holiday package now in full swing, the future is very bright indeed for Chris Koch & Associates and as 2013 comes upon us, it will be interesting to see the firms strategy in the New Year.

Chris Koch & Associates is a leading DUI attorney firm in Riverside with a profound reputation in the business. The law firm is ideally placed to offer comprehensive legal assistance this Christmas, based on its years of experience there is every reason why you residents should use them. For more details on how to work with some of the best DUI attorneys, please feel free to contact Chris Koch & Associates today.

The Riverside DUI attorneys the best SEO professionals in the US to help assist in law firm marketing to promote the message about the importance of speaking with an experienced DUI attorney in Riverside CA. if someone has been arrested. The firm continues its online presence by offering free consultations and information on criminal defense on the firms blog and social media pages. This information along with free consultations the firm hopes to attract more Riverside residents looking to speak to an attorney. To learn more about the law firm visit the company DUI attorney Riverside Facebook page.

About Christopher Koch: Graduate of University of San Diego School of Law Admitted to practice law November 2001. The law office is experienced in criminal defense, very well respected and locally connected in San Bernardino, San Diego and Orange Counties. As a local attorney in these jurisdictions he has the ability to get the best possible outcome for clients. For more information about a free consultation or to speak with the best DUI lawyer in Riverside CA, contact the firm at 877-227-9128.



Phone: 877-227-9128

Q&A: Wrong address written on DUI?

Question by FADSTER: Wrong address written on DUI?
I got pulled over and was arrested for DUI/DWI. The arresting officer wrote down the wrong location of the incident the address given is actually non existent because you cannot be at 1300 E and 3300 E. Since those streets run parallel and never intersect. Can I fight this charge?
I got pulled over and was arrested for DUI/DWI. The arresting officer wrote down the wrong location of the incident the address given is actually non existent because you cannot be at 1300 E and 3300 E. Since those streets run parallel and never intersect. Can I fight this charge or get it plead down?

Best answer:

Answer by THE UNCOOL 1
Fortunately for us, NO. It won’t make a difference.
You were either drunk or not. The only numbers that will matter are the breath analyzer, or blood test result…

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Two seek state's attorney's seat in Piatt County

Two seek state's attorney's seat in Piatt County
"Her conviction rate for DUI's is 34 percent, giving drunk drivers court supervision or dismissing cases outright over 70 percent of the time," said Cox, 50, of Bement. The former Bement village president also feels the state's attorney has neglected …
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Youth Baseball Representative, Kent Attorney Charged with Possession of Child
A Maple Valley man and family law attorney in Kent was arrested today on federal criminal charges of receipt and possession of child pornography, announced U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. David S. Engle, 49, made his initial appearance today in U.S. …

Man accused of DUI and hit-and-run
His Indiana license had already been suspended for driving under the influence and he has at least two prior DUI cases from Indiana on his record, according to the Cook County State's Attorney's office. A Chicago police officer was driving directly …
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