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Knox County Criminal Court Clerk contract violated law

Knox County Criminal Court Clerk contract violated law
Three years ago, Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey hired a private collection agency to go after some $ 18 million in outstanding fines, fees and restitution owed to the county. The move, however, violated state law and county code because …
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State school board wants stronger enforcement of criminal registry law
The State Board of Education will meet in Topeka this week to discuss non-budget policies the board may choose to bring to the Legislature next year, including ways to strengthen laws that prohibit issuing or renewing licenses to people who have …
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The North Carolina Criminal Defense Firm Of Roberts Law Group Welcomes
CHARLOTTE, NC, September 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — Roberts Law Group, PLLC, is pleased to welcome Selin Nassi Roberts to its Charlotte criminal defense practice. Mrs. Roberts has hit the ground running, negotiating for the dismissal of criminal …
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What to expect on a court date in NJ for domestic violence case ?

Question by RX8e’r: What to expect on a court date in NJ for domestic violence case ?
I have a court date in NJ for domestic violence. My wife called the cops when we had an argument and I got arrested. We are back together now. What should we expect in a court date ? If somebody can give us the court procedure that will be great.

Best answer:

Answer by johnbrown
I suppose it’s going to be a hearing before a judge. Your wife will present her side, then you can present yours. It may have to do with deciding whether to grant or deny her a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against you; converting a TRO into a Final Restraining Order (FRO); or to start divorce proceedings. Find the court papers and look at the case number. If it starts with FV, it’s a domestic violence case (TRO or FRO); if FM, divorce.

The focus will be on your wife. She may want a restraining order, and will probably want to paint you in a bad light, as a violent person she has good reason to be afraid of, and the judge will be reluctant to believe you. Or, she may want the charges dropped. Then the judge must question her in great detail to determine that she was not threatened or coerced, and will be reluctant to believe her.

You may be entitled to free legal advice and/or representation from a Legal Services lawyer, if your income is low enough. Go to their offices in your county (located usually within several blocks from the county court), online at http://www.lsnjlaw.org for more information, http://www.lsnj.org/directory.htm for a list of offices with addresses and phone numbers, or call 1-888-LSNJ-LAW during business hours.

Download and read:
– http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/domestic-violence-33813.html
– New Jersey Courts, “The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act: A Guide To The Most Frequently Asked Questions”, http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/prose/11253_dv_prevention_pamplet.pdf
– NJ Courts, “Domestic Violence Procedures Manual”, http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/family/dvprcman.pdf
– Legal Services of New Jersey, “Domestic Violence: A Guide to the Legal Rights of Domestic Violence Victims in New Jersey”, http://www.lsnj.org/PDFs/DV.pdf
– NJ Court Rule 5:7A, “Domestic Violence Restraining Orders”, http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/rules/r5-7a.htm
– NJ Statute 2C:25-17 to -35, “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991″, http://law.onecle.com/new-jersey/2c-the-new-jersey-code-of-criminal-justice/25-17.html and following

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My sister is adopting my baby but my boyfriend is fighting in court for custody.?

Question by Tonya: My sister is adopting my baby but my boyfriend is fighting in court for custody.?
I’m fifteen and I’m currently 5 months pregnant, when the babys born my older sister who is 25 wants to adopt him. She has her adoption attorney and were gathering adoption papers together. But I think that my boyfriend and his mom will fight me I. Court for custody of the baby. My boyfriend is seventeen though will be eighteen by the time the baby is born. He does not have a job or license and is on probation as of right nnow. His mother is not fit to be a parent let alone a grandparent. They have trouble paying bills and she just had her car repoed. At first my boyfriend didn’t not want me to have the baby and hated me for not aborting hIm. Which I have proof of in some text messages. My sister already has 2 kids, and is saving money to buy her own house with her husband after the baby is born. She lives with her inlaws right now. I wanted to know that if I were to go to court with my sister, and fight them would they end up getting custody? I understand the situation is sorda trashy and I am way to young to even be pregnant. Iv already established that, so any negative comments will be ignored. I’m just asking help from anyone who has been in a similar situation or a lawyer of any kind. Thankyou.

Best answer:

Answer by Vanna
If I were in your shoes, I’d definetly be thinking of adoption. I would give him or her to a family that’s equipped to take of him or her, not another family member because that would probably just cause problems later on down the line. Just my opinion.

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Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Update: Rottenstein Law Group Responds to Court Order to Remove American Medical Systems as Mesh Defendant

(PRWEB) April 15, 2013

American Medical Systems and other subsidiaries of Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. were removed earlier this month as defendants in the federal consolidations of transvaginal mesh lawsuits (MDL-2325, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia), according to court documents reviewed by the Rottenstein Law Group, a transvaginal mesh law firm.

A court order* from Chief Judge Joseph R. Goodwin said that the court will dismiss in all pending cases (whether filed directly or transferred), all claims pending against the Endo entities without prejudice.

The removal of those defendants from the multidistrict litigation does not mean that American Medical Systems cannot be sued for the serious alleged side effects of its transvaginal mesh products, said Rochelle Rottenstein, principal of the Rottenstein Law Group. What it means is that they wont be included in the existing MDLs, which is a pretrial consolidation of common causes and acts of discovery.

The court order applies to all of the federal transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, including those in In re: Boston Scientific, Pelvic Repair Systems Products Liability Litigation (MDL-2326); In re: C.R. Bard, Pelvic Repair Systems Products Liability Litigation (MDL-2187); and In re: Ethicon, Pelvic Repair Systems Products Liability Litigation (MDL-2327), according to court documents.

Since 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received reports of problems associated with transvaginal mesh used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Serious complications associated with the use of transvaginal mesh are not rare, according to the FDA.** Some serious side effects include bleeding, urinary problems, pain and infection.

In February 2013 the nations first trial involving Ethicons transvaginal mesh resulted in a jury award of more than $ 11 million in compensatory and punitive damages to plaintiff Linda Gross.*** There are more than 4,000 trials pending across the country, according to Bloomberg, including more than 2,000 in New Jersey.

The Rottenstein Law Group maintains a comprehensive website with a wealth of information regarding transvaginal mesh lawsuits and side effects. Women who believe they are suffering from serious side effects related to their transvaginal mesh surgery should contact Rottenstein Law Group today for a free consultation.





The Rottenstein Law Group is a New York-based firm that represents clients nationwide in mass tort actions. The firm was founded by Rochelle Rottenstein, who has more than two decades of experience as a lawyer, to represent clients hurt by defective medical devices and drugs. (Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)


The Rottenstein Law Group, LLP

Rochelle Rottenstein, Esq.

321 W. 44th Street

# 804

New York NY 10036

(212) 933-9500 (office phone)

(212) 933-9980 (facsimile)

rochelle (at) rotlaw (dot) com


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Columbia County Civil Court: Bad faith, medical malpractice

Columbia County Civil Court: Bad faith, medical malpractice
Here are recent case filings in Columbia County Civil Court since May 28. Statements are drawn from the plaintiff's complaint. The facts of these cases have not been determined by a judge or jury, and no decisions have been rendered. CV 2013 91-6.
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Florida Supreme Court Nixes Pre-Surgery Damages Clause without Concession
To be enforceable under Florida's medical malpractice statute, such an agreement must include a concession of liability as an incentive for a claimant to settle through arbitration rather than go to court where a higher settlement could be possible …
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Victim Impact Panel Now Available Online to Court Ordered Offenders

Miami, FL (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Online Impact Panel, a new website dedicated to offering an alternate means of education to court ordered offenders, has recently announced the launch of an online Victim Impact Panel program.

A Victim Impact Panel, also known as VIPs, is an awareness program for offenders convicted of driving under the influence. Since the panel consists of victims of drunk driving telling their stories, it is a simple way of addressing the misdemeanor and changing the life of the offender. However, the panels are only held a few times a month and offenders can sometimes be turned away, resulting in a court order violation.

Court orders are stressful and take a major toll on your family, personal life, and maybe even your job, states an article on Online Impact Panel. You may have made a mistake, but you don’t deserve this headache.

Online Impact Panel was created with the help of the courts to provide citizens with an easier way to complete their Victim Impact Panel requirements. The program is available 24 hours a day and seven days per week to anyone with Internet access.

The online program consists of three short segments. After the offender registers and completes the sections, they take a 20-question quiz. A score of only 70 percent or higher is needed to pass, and the quiz can be taken multiple times until a passing score is achieved.

Online Impact Panel is now offering the program at a reduced cost of 49 dollars for a limited time.

Individuals who have participated in Online Impact Panels program have praised the course.

“Online Impact Panel left a strong impression on me, and it made me re-think how I should act in the future, said Justin Braman. I will be an advocate for not drinking and driving for the rest of my life.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Online Impact Panel and its services can visit the website for more information.

About Online Impact Panel:

Online Impact Panel advocates alternative means of education for offenders of alcohol related crimes. Through their innovative online program, offenders have completed tens of thousands of Victim Impact Panels that have proven to be more effective than traditional programs. Online Impact Panel maintains that participation alone is not enough to guarantee a behavioral change. For more information, please visit http://www.onlineimpactpanel.com

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Court Upholds Coverage of Criminal Defense – Wall Street Journal

Court Upholds Coverage of Criminal Defense – Wall Street Journal
At a time when companies are facing more regulatory scrutiny, a California appeals court this week asserted there was no moral hazard for an insurance company to pay the defense costs of an executive battling criminal charges. The court ruled that …
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The Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. Announces Move to New Office Location
The Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. represents individuals in a broad range of criminal matters including drug crimes, theft crimes, federal crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, and DUI defense. The firm also accepts cases in a number of other areas …
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Santa Clara Superior Court judge Thomas Cain Allegedly Prevents 83 Year Old White Woman from Being with her 58 Year Old African-American Husband

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Santa Clara Conservatorship judge Thomas Cain is being charged with allegedly committing race, gender and age discrimination. According is court papers filed on Monday and Wednesday, Beatrice Pacheco-Starks is claiming that she is being discriminated against by judge Cain due to her age, gender and the race of herself and her African-American husband Mr. Marreon Gene Starks. In re Conservatorship of Beatrice K. Pacheco, 112-PR-171580

The Motion to Disqualify Thomas Cain from hearing an Emergency Petition for Removal of Conservatorship, alleges that Stephen Pacheco, Mrs. Pacheco-Starks son from previous marriage, has successfully enlisted judge Cain, along with court appointed lawyer Michael Desmerais, Baugh and Lynn Searle of San Francisco, to fabricate court records in order to prevent her from being with Mr. Starks so as to ensure that her approximately 6-million dollars is secured only for them.

Court records alleges that judge Cain has used his own race, gender and age biases in deciding to side with her son and his lawyers and she demands that the judge recuse himself from making any further decisions or involvement in her future cases.

Mrs. Pacheco-Starks followed up on April 24, 2013 with an Emergency Petition to remove her son from being her conservator and seeks to terminate court appointed lawyer Desmerais, who she alleges not honestly making her wishes known to the court and otherwise siding with her son in order to unjustly enrich his law practice off of her multi-million dollar estate. The Petition also alleges that her son has not provided her the $ 500 per week allowance the he was ordered to provide her and once she sought to raise funds to hire her own lawyer by selling her car, he is alleged to have closed her checking account and assaulted her in an attempt to steal her car keys away from her.

Court records also show that on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, she sent an Aide, David Merritt of Sunnyvale California, to present to judge Cain that her telephone was turned off, security guards prevented her leaving her home or receiving visitors and that she needed emergency court intervention and cessation to her sons control over her. Court Reporter transcripts of the hearing shows that judge Cain refused to consider Mrs. Pacheco-Starks American With Disability Request; refused to recuse himself from hearing the new petition; threatened Mr. Merritt with arrest if he persisted in aiding Mrs. Pacheco-Starks and ordered for restraining order to be issued against Mr. Merritt for bringing Mrs. Pacheco-Starks complains to the court.

Hearing is scheduled for May 13, 2013 against Mr. Merritt, to permanently enjoin him from aiding Mrs. Pacheco-Starks.

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