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New Blog Article from The Law Office of Kevin Krist Asks if Houstons Pedestrians Are Safe

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

A new article on the blog for The Law Office of Kevin Krist, Are Houston Pedestrians Safe? calls attention to statistics showing that Houston ranks low among cities when it comes to pedestrian safety.

The blog points out that Houston ranks 41st out of 51 major cities in pedestrian safety, according to the Houston Chronicle in a Sept. 12 article entitled Pedestrians are no match for Houston’s mean streets.

We need to take a long, hard look at why Houston ranks so poorly and find out what we can do to make sure pedestrian accidents dont happen in the first place, said Houston personal injury attorney Kevin Krist of The Law Office of Kevin Krist, which represents victims of pedestrian accidents. Residents of Southeast Texas should feel safe when walking for enjoyment, exercise or simply for transportation, he said.

Pedestrians do have a responsibility to watch for vehicles, but careless drivers need to be held responsible when their negligence causes an accident, Krist added.

Houston residents are seeking solutions, asking the city council to open streets to pedestrians once a week. Complete Streets is another effort asking the city to pay closer attention to pedestrian and bicyclist needs when designing roads.

The blog article cites an analysis by the Houston Chronicle that found only 17 percent of drivers involved in 174 fatal pedestrian accidents were prosecuted in Houston in a three-and-half-year period. It also recounts a harrowing personal story told in the newspaper about a car hitting a woman while she crossed a Houston street.

The blog states, Some say the problem is that people who hit pedestrians arent held accountable here.

In Texas alone, 345 pedestrians lost their lives in 2010, making up 11.5 percent of all traffic-related deaths that year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The law firms website provides more information about pedestrian accident lawsuits and how injured pedestrians may be able to recover compensation under the law.

Krist advised those injured in a pedestrian accident that it is important to speak with an attorney who has experience in this area.

At The Law Office of Kevin Krist, we put our personal, proven experience to work for victims of pedestrian accidents and other crashes in Houston and throughout Southeast Texas so they can get the compensation they deserve, he said.

About The Law Office of Kevin Krist

The Law Office of Kevin Krist is a Houston personal injury law firm dedicated to protecting Southeast Texas residents who have suffered catastrophic injuries in serious and tragic accidents. For more than 25 years, the firm has represented clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims involving auto and truck accidents, aviation accidents, business litigation, catastrophic injury, defective products, explosion or burn injuries, maritime injuries, medical malpractice, spinal injury, traumatic brain injury and workplace accidents. The firm serves accident and injury victims throughout Houston, Harris County, Pasadena, Katy, Baytown, League City and surrounding areas. The firms office is located at 3401 Allen Parkway, Suite 102, Houston, TX 77019. To learn more about The Law Office of Kevin Krist, call (281) 677-3959 or use the firms online contact form.

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Q&A: My son wss tooken from me he is only 5 months because i was under the influence of alcohal?

Question by yesenia: My son wss tooken from me he is only 5 months because i was under the influence of alcohal?

Best answer:

Answer by Makenzie
yeah they can take your kids over anything yet if your house is a mess and you dont take care of them they will just be like oh their well fead and have a roof over their head #bs

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New Labor Day Checklist From WirelessDefensiveDriving.com

Houston, Tx (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

Defensive Driving at its peak needed this week-end! Fellow travelers will need to share the road with a very high number of drivers this Labor Day holiday.

AAA is estimating 34.1 millions travelers will hit the road this Labor Day weekend (source AAA – http://goo.gl/NvgVUB). That is a new high record since the recession hit. 29 millions on these travelers will travel by car (85%). Thats a lot of cars on the road in a very short amount of time.

Texas drivers can take some measure to minimize the risk and make sure the week-end is not spoiled by accidents or bad driving experiences. Here are some tips for the folks traveling on the road:

1 – Make sure the vehicle is in good condition. Check all the fluids, tires and brakes. Being Texas, temperatures are still pretty high across the state and the stress on the vehicle is usually high due to the long distances and the heavy loads (even just by having a car full of passengers).

2 – Drivers should take an emergency kit along for the ride and some extra water if traveling in wide open areas where rest areas and gas stations are not easy to find.

3 – Sleep, rest and relax. Before taking to the road, the driver should make sure they are rested and not agitated, fatigued or under the influence of alcohol. With all the celebrations, over eating and drinking, drivers need to be extra careful and make sure their senses are sharp and focused.

4 – Keep the distraction to a minimum. Usually holiday travels means a car full on people in high spirits, excited in anticipation of great time. Without being the downer and bring everyone down, the driver needs to remind the passengers to help him or her with the task of driving. Instead of creating constant distractions, passenger can help by looking for problem drivers, problems with the road and by keeping the driver alert.

Labor Day car travel has always brought an increase of fatalities on the highways. The usual suspect is alcohol and the fatalities due to DWI. This Labor Day, the Texas Dept. of Transportation, together with other law enforcement agencies, will enforce the no-refusal anti-DWI campaign from Aug-30th to Sept 2nd.

Along with TxDOTs Drink. Drive. Go to Jail. campaign, law enforcement across the state will work thousands of overtime hours as part of the national crackdown effort being coordinated and sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Please be safe, we are counting on you


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Q&A: Can your lawyer resign from your case anytime.?

Question by Brandy L: Can your lawyer resign from your case anytime.?
After three months of being in a car accident, my lawyer just call me 2 days ago saying they were resigning to my case, didn’y give me no explaintion , only thing they told me was you will be recieving a letter in the mail. What can I do now?

Best answer:

Answer by Star T
Read the letter. It should tell you what is your next move.

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Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson, LLP Receives Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson, LLP currently has an A+ rating through the BBB, according to the firms Better Business Bureau online profile. In order to qualify for accreditation through the BBB, a business must be in compliance with the BBB Code of Business Practices, according to the organizations website. The eight general standards that are part of the BBB Code of Business Practices include building trust, advertising honestly, telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy and embodying integrity.

Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson, LLPs A+ rating is based on 16 factors, including the fact that has no complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau and the length of time that the business has been in operation.

The Long Island divorce lawyers at Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson, LLP have more than a century of combined experience and have received various professional accolades throughout their careers. Two of the attorneys at the firm have been listed among the Ten Leaders in Matrimonial Law, and two of the firms attorneys have been listed among the Best Lawyers in America

Santa Clara Superior Court judge Thomas Cain Allegedly Prevents 83 Year Old White Woman from Being with her 58 Year Old African-American Husband

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Santa Clara Conservatorship judge Thomas Cain is being charged with allegedly committing race, gender and age discrimination. According is court papers filed on Monday and Wednesday, Beatrice Pacheco-Starks is claiming that she is being discriminated against by judge Cain due to her age, gender and the race of herself and her African-American husband Mr. Marreon Gene Starks. In re Conservatorship of Beatrice K. Pacheco, 112-PR-171580

The Motion to Disqualify Thomas Cain from hearing an Emergency Petition for Removal of Conservatorship, alleges that Stephen Pacheco, Mrs. Pacheco-Starks son from previous marriage, has successfully enlisted judge Cain, along with court appointed lawyer Michael Desmerais, Baugh and Lynn Searle of San Francisco, to fabricate court records in order to prevent her from being with Mr. Starks so as to ensure that her approximately 6-million dollars is secured only for them.

Court records alleges that judge Cain has used his own race, gender and age biases in deciding to side with her son and his lawyers and she demands that the judge recuse himself from making any further decisions or involvement in her future cases.

Mrs. Pacheco-Starks followed up on April 24, 2013 with an Emergency Petition to remove her son from being her conservator and seeks to terminate court appointed lawyer Desmerais, who she alleges not honestly making her wishes known to the court and otherwise siding with her son in order to unjustly enrich his law practice off of her multi-million dollar estate. The Petition also alleges that her son has not provided her the $ 500 per week allowance the he was ordered to provide her and once she sought to raise funds to hire her own lawyer by selling her car, he is alleged to have closed her checking account and assaulted her in an attempt to steal her car keys away from her.

Court records also show that on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, she sent an Aide, David Merritt of Sunnyvale California, to present to judge Cain that her telephone was turned off, security guards prevented her leaving her home or receiving visitors and that she needed emergency court intervention and cessation to her sons control over her. Court Reporter transcripts of the hearing shows that judge Cain refused to consider Mrs. Pacheco-Starks American With Disability Request; refused to recuse himself from hearing the new petition; threatened Mr. Merritt with arrest if he persisted in aiding Mrs. Pacheco-Starks and ordered for restraining order to be issued against Mr. Merritt for bringing Mrs. Pacheco-Starks complains to the court.

Hearing is scheduled for May 13, 2013 against Mr. Merritt, to permanently enjoin him from aiding Mrs. Pacheco-Starks.

Can my baby’s possible Dad contact authorities and stop us from traveling home?

Question by miss: Can my baby’s possible Dad contact authorities and stop us from traveling home?
Hi I am a New Zealand Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen. I became pregnant in Canada and returned to New Zealand to have my baby who is now a New Zealand Citizen. I would like to go to Canada for a 3 week visit to see my family. My baby’s father is unknown, so there is no father recorded on the birth certificate. I am afraid that if i come there to visit my family that in that time the possible father may see me and my baby and upon thinking that she is his he may try to stop us from returning home to New Zealand. Could you please tell me if it is possible for the possible father to stop us returning home to New Zealand? Or are we protected by the Hague Convention, but even so he could hold us there while paternity, etc. is established? I have asked New Zealand law, but they said it would have to do with Canadian law.
I just don’t see how they could hold me in Canada while a paternity test is done. I find this so nerve racking. I guess they don’t care that I couldn’t burden my family there by staying with them longer than 3 weeks so that these things could be established, and that it’s important for my baby and I to be home rather than dealing with the stress of being held and possibly having to go through a court battle.

Best answer:

Answer by Suzy
Im pretty sure he would have had to signed the birth certificate and the child has his last name.

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DMV.us.org Updates Database With DUI Reports From The Holiday Season

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) February 01, 2013

DMV.us.org has now completed updating their database to include all driving while intoxicated reports from the holiday season, company officials said.

Every holiday season presents a challenge for our database, said company spokesman Josh Fraser. The number of DUIs and other traffic violations surges beyond normal yearly levels. To get this glut of information available takes a considerable amount of extra time and resources.

Fraser said the company brought in temporary IT staff in order to handle the extra information, and moved some of its data storage away from their main servers and onto the cloud to accommodate the data.

It’s just a sad fact of life that between holiday parties and family gatherings, more people drive under the influence during the holiday season, and that leads to more drunk driving arrests, Fraser said. That’s put a strain on the data collection process, which takes a certain amount of time to deal with.

Fraser said the company thought it was important to make an extra effort to get the data uploaded because it could help protect the safety of their customers.

People come to us to find out if the people in their lives are safe drivers or not, Fraser said. To not update our data as quickly as possible could put them in the passenger seat of a drunk driver. That puts their safety at risk and we won’t stand for that.

About DMV.us.org:

The DMV.us.org driving records search provides instant information that details a person’s driving history of violations, suspension and more. With thousands of satisfied customers, DMV.us.org is a trusted source for driving record reports. DMV.us.org customer service can be reached through a 24/7 online chat and the toll free number 1-877-888-0889.

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Michelle Lewis Retires from Center for Family Success

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) March 31, 2013

Pathfinders of Oregon is saying goodbye to long-time staff member, Michelle Lewis. Michelle has been with Pathfinders Center for Family Success since its inception in 2003.

Michelle has served in numerous roles during her time at the Center. She began as a parent advocate, working with parents coming out of prison to rebuild their lives and their families. When the evidence-based Parenting Inside Out program was introduced into the community, Michelle became one of the first parenting coaches. She went on to become a master trainer for Parenting Inside Out and has worked with agencies implementing Parenting Inside Out across the country. She became the Program Director at the Center two years ago.

The Center for Family Success, located in Rockwood, serves families that have a parent involved in the criminal justice system. In addition to Parenting Inside Out classes, the Center offers the family violence prevention program, Healthy Relationships: Successful Families. Parents can also take financial literacy classes and receive help in preparing for and seeking employment. Family Advocates and home visiting fill out the program, helping parents build parenting skills, navigate the system to reestablish contact with their children after prison and help their families reintegrate and succeed.

The Center is at the heart of the Rockwood Pathways Project, a multiagency effort to coordinate services to families in the Rockwood area of east Multnomah County. Through the Center, parenting classes are being offered to parents of Alder Elementary School a dreamer school through the I Have a Dream Foundation and H.B. Lee Middle School students.

Michelle is leaving the Center for Family Success to pursue her Masters Degree in Social Work at Portland State University. She plans to do counseling with at risk individuals and families. Center Director, Glenna Hayes, said, Michelle has been part of the Center for Family Successs journey from the very beginning. She has served our clients with compassion and energy.

About Pathfinders of Oregon

Pathfinders of Oregon is a 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is to break the cycle of criminality. Pathfinders has taught programs within the Oregon Department of Corrections for 20 years. In the community it offers programs to families impacted by the criminal justice system through its Center for Family Success in Rockwood, and operates an alternative education program for pregnant and parenting teens at its Pathfinder Academy.

how CSI lab can more more of the DNA sample and compare the DNA from the suspects?

Question by aryan: how CSI lab can more more of the DNA sample and compare the DNA from the suspects?
here is the full question “A lab technician, working in a dimly lit CSI lab, receives a small DNA sample from a crime scene. explain how the technician can make more of the DNA sample and compare that DNA from DNA samples from four suspected criminals. Be sure to use the following terms in you answer: gel electrophoresis, PCR, restriction enzymes, and band size and charge.” From My biology 1406 test…..

Best answer:

Answer by ucenigma
This is an essay question. I will give you the pointers and you can fill in the rest.

Use restrictions enzymes to cleave the DNA at certain places.
Use PCR to increase the number of those segments.
Use gel electrophoresis to get a “fingerprint” of banding depending on size and charge.
Repeat with DNA sample from all suspects. If any match, there is a high likelihood that
the matched sample is the guilty party.

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