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Online Drug Course – Alcohol, Amphetamine, Cannabis, Cocaine and MDMA.

Details are available from www.drugsight.com Or buy here www.drugsight.info Drugsight online drug training was developed by Tony D’Agostino and Norfolk Drug & Alcohol Partnership (N-DAP). The courses are aimed at beginner to intermediate level. Drugs covered Amphetamine, Alcohol (yes it is a drug), Cannabis, Crack, Cocaine and Ecstasy (MDMA). Also Crack Cocaine, Cocaethylene and Methamphetamine are included in some of the packages. Handouts can be downloaded before you commence the course. You will also have access to videos, documents and reports. The training covers history, different types of drugs, how these drugs are used, psychiatric issues and the effects upon individual’s health and the brain. There is no need to download any software, all you need is an internet connection. You also have free access to the social network and learning community. All courses are knowledge-based and compliant with DANOS (Drug & Alcohol National Occupational Standards). You can immediately download a certificate on successful completion of the training. Drugsight is more than just online training, it is a social network and learning community for the drug and alcohol field. Thanks to Mindflash for giving me the permission to use images of their software in this video.
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