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Crysis 2 – Speeding Ticket Achievement / Trophy

Second Chance – 0:03 Sudden Impact – 0:25 Road Rage – 1:10 Gate Keepers – 1:35 Seat of Power – 2:05 Semper Fi or Die – 2:43 Train to Catch – 3:07 Unsafe Haven – 3:35 Power Out – 4:35 Masks Off – 5:03 Speeding Ticket (10G) – Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras

24 Responses to “Crysis 2 – Speeding Ticket Achievement / Trophy”

  1. GameGuideBlog says:

    where can i see my speeding tickets?

  2. serenagear says:

    is necessary finish the level??

  3. Kar77unen says:

    can’t find that place where you start in semper fi or die

  4. salemzaraki says:

    thanks to youtube and its users i have got about 5 more achievements in crysis 2!!!!!!

  5. ABOODM7 says:

    @zogozar i think since u got the sounds and the ( u got a speeding ticket ) dialog box its ok u can out

  6. ABOODM7 says:


  7. zogozar says:

    I dont get it, i ran infront of the 10 cameras but i didnt got the achievement.
    do you need to finish the mission after the camera part? or it like saves that i ran infront of it, and I can quit the mission?

  8. iTzadde says:

    can you do one at a time?

  9. 360ruulz says:

    why wont this achievement unlock for me :( ??? iv done more than 10 levels and got the tickets yet it still dont unlock.!

  10. dinosaurworld says:

    @davemichaelis Who cares about arrogance in this case? He made a flawless video for a semi-tough achievement. I don’t care who made it, it’s good.

  11. Hartjesz says:

    Great guide :) I only needed Unsafe Haven cause the other ones I had gotten by mistake.. But very nice guide :) Will subscribe to you :)

  12. mcryan07 says:

    @ultimateshadowkiller its cool i got it ages ago…

  13. ultimateshadowkiller says:

    @mcryan07 make a check list?

  14. LetsFLy187 says:

    great work thnks very much

  15. 01187s says:

    lol 0:42

  16. pinkfloyd32389 says:

    well done, i like the description with time stamps

  17. Alexaldertube says:

    I always read your guides too. At gamefaqs or x60achievements i don’t remeber

  18. Backswipe says:

    @reichstag10 he has stealth enhance

  19. mcryan07 says:

    is their anyway to check which ones you have?

  20. 343GuiltySparkO4 says:

    Is it funny that the last one I needed was the first one?

  21. ilovetanksmark says:

    @bleach316060 its easy to die if you go guns blazing but you can sneak by almost everything

  22. ilovetanksmark says:

    @TheHitmanMonkey i think its quite simple if you play it boring, Didnt kill more than 5 guys in the first four levels (unscripted) and died twice

  23. ilovetanksmark says:

    @GoodGlaven you have to admit though, brink looks fun, multiplayer only isnt such a bad thing as long as they do something different or new (its pretty similar to tf2 but it at least tries to do something for the consoles)
    So ya, all multiplayer games are good if original and that other guy is a prepubescent 8 year old who thinks power rangers are real…

  24. unlockerist says:

    @ilovetanksmark Ya