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Houston Personal Injury Attorney ~ Lawyer: Call (281) 587-1111 – Houston Personal Injury Attorney Houston Personal Injury Attorney A Houston personal injury attorney can help in so many ways today, as corporate giants, and municipalities become more negligent with saftey issues, and cause harm and injury to everyday citizens you need an experienced litigator in your and your family’s corner to help with medical bills, lost wages, etc. Many times car accidents are caused by others that are impaired by alcohol, and or drugs. The negligence on their part is often overlooked, and the insurance companies do not come near offering the restitution that will cover the damages that these selfish people cause. Drunk driving accidents often leave the inebriated person unharmed, but causes injury, and even death for their unsuspecting victims. A car with an drunk driver behind the wheel is much like launching an eight thousand pound ballistic missile without a target in mind. The damages can range from the the tens of thousands to tens of millions depending on the outcome of the accident. 18 Wheeler accidents are a common occurrance in the state of Texas, and almost always these accidents could have been avoided if the CDL driver was paying attention to the road instead of using their phones for constant communications via voice or SMS texting. Many times new drivers are sent out on long-hauls without the on the job experience needed to complete their job safely, and they are frequently using tractor trailers that would never pass a state regulated Video Rating: 5 / 5

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