How long does a dui conviction stay on your driving record in Tennessee?

and can a dui be expunged? 1st time offender state of tennessee
in regaurd to mr.kuhner_us ,actually i was not driving at the time.i was in a big truck at the time{in another state} officers thought i was going to leave,when in reality i was laid over for the week end ,i admitted to drinking beer with the other drivers and refused to take a breath test{implied consent law violation}same thing as as if one was driving.there fore im trying to fix it.and i didnt think you were rude ,i agree with you.ive been on the road for 23 years with not so much as a scratch on my record.but being a smart ass with law enforcement is unadvisable,especially in west virginia.


  • SheBandit77

    it can be expunged if it happened before you were a legal adult, under the age of 18..
    If not, it stays on your permanent record. A DUI can not be hidden in the future or expunged…

  • kuhner_us

    Cannot be expunged.
    DUI is something that SHOULD stay on someones record for their entire life.
    Not trying to sound rude, but everyone knows (or should know) by now the results of driving under the influence. The results usually are not good. Your stupidity could have killed someone and you should pay for that “could” have for your entire life.

  • raven hd girl

    ur stuck with it on ur record but the up side in 10 years they cant hold it against u when they do a back ground check for a job well now a job driving ur screwd

  • Leo C

    dont really know but i do know the cops dont like it when you poke em in the chest. even if it is just a marlboro merely. no cause for alarm. officerman.