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Idea for a book im writing based on real laws?

Question by Grayson Foreman: Idea for a book im writing based on real laws?
(for a book based on facts of law)
There are exceptions to the fourth amendment.
“There are also “exigent circumstances” exceptions to the warrant requirement. Exigent circumstances arise when the law enforcement officers have reasonable grounds to believe that there is an immediate need to protect their lives, the lives of others, their property, or that of others, the search is not motivated by an intent to arrest and seize evidence, and there is some reasonable basis, to associate an emergency with the area or place to be searched.”

If someone can read minds/use teleknesis and this information of how to do this was going to be made available to the public for everyones use in a few short years, but it comes with many risks like the ability for one person to end the entire universe, can the government put hidden cameras in a persons house where they have an expectation of privacy and make a tv show that shows all of the risks,shows how things like this will be prevented,shows where we are today with gang violence etc. where we have to go,what we have to do,in order to STAY SAFE, could the government over rule the fourth amendment and put these cameras in his house for this show and would they be exempt from appropriating his likeness for their own use?
But this person was not going to harm anyone.

What about homeland security, could hey do this?
Would they be exempt from appropriating his likeness for their own use?
Heres what im asking.
Typically you need a warrant to install hidden cameras and film someone where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy.But there are exceptions to this.Im wondering if making a tv show based on this guys everyday life (log story how it works lol) that demonstrates and says stuff about saftey issues and how things will work etc. if that is reason enough for a judge to allow this to happen, and will it be allowed to air on tv?

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Answer by ClanMan
The constitution is dead my friend. It failed miserably and is now…..meaningless.

This is proven by the fact that the government continuously and constantly violates these supposed rights, and has done so for some time.

The reality is that we have no rights, sometimes it appears we do in times when the government feels the need to keep the appearance of legitimacy alive.

They have the guns and the power, and they can do whatever the hell they want. Sad, but true.

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FBI Copies Victims Property, Then Holds It For More Than A Year

Express an unpopular opinion and have the government seize your property for year and copy all of your computer files. You think that might happen in renowned police states such as Russia or China? but in Minnesota? It did. Using loosely worded search warrants, the FBI seized and held the papers, computers and souvenirs of a group of Minneapolis peace activists for more than a year, returning them just recently. On September 24, 2010 nine Minneapolis residents were served warrants by the FBI. Eight of them plus the Anti War Office faced search warrants that allowed aa substantial task force of FBI agents and Minneapolis Police to seize personal property including computers, cell phones, papers, newspapers, pictures and a range of personal and organizational materials. The UpTake story from September 24. Second story of the day. All of the targets had been involved in peace activism. This action aroused the anger of peace groups, civil liberty attorneys and many others. Subpoenas were issued to appear before a Chicago Grand Jury. All recipients refused to go. In January, 2011, it was revealed that an FBI informant had infiltrated the group and had accompanied a peace delegation to Palestine that was turned back by Israel. There has been no communication from the Chicago Grand Jury since the last round of subpoenas were issued in January 2011. About a month ago attorneys for the targets filed a motion in Federal Court seeking the return of all personal property. Last week
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Am I going in Jail I think I did something Illegal?

Question by Ray: Am I going in Jail I think I did something Illegal?
Okay I was watching porn on “”. And I have some sort of trouble with spelling like I always mix up the words in French it’s called disleksi I don’t what’s the English word for it. p.s I’m born with that. So anyways I wanted to search “under rage” and I accidentally typed “under age” And stupid like I was I didn’t check to see what I entered I immediately pressed enter. So then when I saw what popped out I clicked the exit button as soon as possible. And where I live “Canada” it’s illegal to watch child pornography. And now I’m afraid the cops will arrest me I’M ONLY 15 :(. Please help Please Answer! No hate. And with my clever mind I thought I’d see women raging After a guy. And it’s not me who typed this it was my friend I told him what to type. Thank you.
I never clicked on the play button. Am I fine?
And I was on a iPod.

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Answer by Grew
i like foreskin

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Operation No Pain No Gain News Conference

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, The National Crime Bureau (NICB) and the Hillsborough County Office of the State Attorney Department and the Florida State Department Financial Services announce the results of a five month investigation involving staged vehicle crashes and insurance fraud in Hillsborough County. “Operation No Pain No Gain” has resulted in arrest warrants for 53 people, and search warrants at four medical clinics in Hillsborough County. Detectives began to round up suspects and serving search warrants May 11. The suspects include clinic owners and managers as well as general employees, massage therapists and participants in staged crashes. The criminal charges range from Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO), a first-degree felony, to Filing False and Fraudulent Insurance Claims. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the NICB has been combating these criminal enterprises since September 2009 after deputies noticed a pattern of questionable vehicle crashes. Undercover detectives have developed confidential informants and learned which medical clinics being used in this fraudulent activity. Detectives were also able to identify the recruiters and coordinators who would solicit individuals to conduct staged crashes. Then the participants would be directed to a particular medical clinic to sign blank medical forms. At the clinics, crash participants would be coached on how to describe their
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How would you decide this Supreme Court case? Chimel v. California 1969?

Question by Eli: How would you decide this Supreme Court case? Chimel v. California 1969?
A suspected burglar named Ted Chimel was tracked to his home by the police, where they arrested and searched him. They also searched his entire house and found goods that appeared to come from robbed homes. The police seized the goods as evidence. But they did not have a search warrant. The police said that the search of Chimel’s home was permissible as part of the arrest. During an arrest, police officers are allowed to search a suspect and the area around him or her. That is done to make sure that the suspect cannot reach for a weapon or destroy evidence. Chimel’s lawyer said that the police should have had a warrant to search the house. He argued that the Fourth Amendment protected Chimel from such an “unreasonable search.” The lawyer also argued that the goods taken in the search could not be used as evidence. The case reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 1969. Was the search without a warrant permissible as part of a legal arrest? Did the fact that Chimel was in the house at the time of arrest make a difference? These were some of the tough questions that the Supreme Court justices had to answer. How would you decide this case?

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Answer by judgemaker
Since I am not a Supreme, I would not presume to second guess their decision.

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